About Us

The Pride of Israel Sick Benefit Society was founded in 1905 in a house on Chestnut Street in downtown Toronto by a group of caring Jews to aid their fellows. If a person was ill, the society would provide a doctor and send the patient money to tide them over until they recovered.

Later, an Actzia, or Credit Society, was formed to give its members access to funds to start a business or pay for food. Without the Pride of Israel Credit Society many would have gone hungry, or have become homeless. The Society cared for and fed the ill, looked after the orphaned, buried the dead, financially backed the community, and provided a networking group to help immigrants. It also became a recognized leader in Toronto, and its members developed strong attachments with each another. At one time, millions of dollars were on loan, until the Credit Society disbanded in the 1980s when, in an era of easy credit, it was no longer viable. In the 1940s, as the Jewish community began its move up north, the Pride of Israel moved. First to Spadina Avenue where the Society first established a synagogue. Then to Wilson Avenue, and finally, in 1969, the current Pride building was completed.

Our roots provide a foundation built upon chesed, kindness and caring, the spirit of which is very much alive and well today in the organization. The Pride of Israel pioneered the Kosher Food Bank in Toronto, and has diverse programming during the year. Today the shul provides a traditional conservative service, and is independent.

2017 Board of Governors

Name Position Email Address
Carl Zeliger Chairman Chairman
  Fundraising Chairman Head Table
Stephen Baird House House
Michele Axelrod Office Chairman SBS President
Willie Lindo Office Chairman Office
Jack Gelber Vice Chairman Vice-Chair
Mara Swartz Vice Chairman Vice-Chair
Jack Steinmetz Ushering Chairman Ushering-Chair
Marty Risen Treasurer Treasurer
Bonnie Moatti Membership Membership
Steve Goldwasser Ritual Chairman Ritual
Stewart Bloom Security Chairman Security
Steven Bloom Past Chairman Past Chair
Open Secretary Board Secretary
Michelle Epstein Programming Programming
Irene Fuller Adornment, events and catering Events
Alan Marks Catering and Constitution Chairman Catering
  Foodbank Foodbank
Howard Green Cemetery Cemetery
Michael Kamien Member At Large for the Board - Finance for SBS SBS Finance
Bill Dolman Member At Large  
Elliott Jacobson Member At Large  
Judy Abraham Ombudsman Ombudsman
Teena Sunshine Wellness Wellness
Harriett Carr Wellness  
Open Website Web Site
Communications & Publicity Communications