Drive to Revive

I have a dream. I envision updates to our Sanctuary, the exterior of our building and accessibility for all members to all areas of our Synagogue. This dream cannot be achieved without the benevolence and financial contributions of our members. I have started a new campaign, The Drive to Revive. We need to revitalize our structure and the only way we can do this is with the generous donations of our members and benefactors.

The first phase of the project will focus on raising funds and contributions spearheaded for the appearance of the Sanctuary through paint, window coverings, ceiling tiles, lighting and carpet. Phase 2 will focus on the exterior of the building: refinishing and cleaning up the outside structure. It has been many years since the Shul has had a major facelift and we are long overdue. Our appearance is tired and we need a revival: for our existing membership and to attract new members to our home. In the next few weeks, we will be publishing the details of the implementation of this endeavor. Stay posted for updates on The Drive to Revive Campaign. This will not happen without you and your support.

In our efforts to revive The Pride of Israel, I am so pleased to report that we are making strides forward towards our goal. Through a generous donation from one of our members, we were able to paint the Lerner Hall, lower hallways and staircase. Our banquet room, the Torno Hall, underwent renovations as part of our caterer’s contract and it looks fresh and ready for your next simcha!

Our office renovations have been completed. Thanks to the generous donations of our members Norman and Gloria Jacobs and their son, Terrance from TCL Asset Group, all of the office furniture was gratuitously donated to us. The carpet for the office and hallway was donated by the Lazer family and Distinctive Broadloom. The painting was made possible with the help of a generous donation from Susan Akler, our office administrator. WFE Canada Ltd., myself and my brother Stewart were responsible for donating all of the electrical and computer wiring, as well as moving everything into the temporary office so that business could continue throughout the renovations.

The library is currently undergoing a facelift, with new paint and carpet already completed. Special thanks to Irene Fuller for her contributions to make this vision become a reality. The ceiling tiles and lights are still in need of completion and we are in need of your donations and support to complete this phase.

L’Hadlik – This is another phase of the Drive to Revive wherein the focus of the campaign is to light the Sanctuary with LED high efficiency bulbs and new ceiling tiles. The interior lighting and ceiling tiles of the sanctuary will be the initial focus of this drive. This is a campaign wherein each member/non-member will have the opportunity to purchase a single or multiple energy efficient lights for the ceiling of the sanctuary. Each light contributed will earn the donor recognition on the L’hadlik board to be located in the Shul. Blocks of ceiling tiles are also available. The cost for honouring each person with a light is only $118.00. Together, through this effort, we can L’Hadlik our Synagogue.

We are presenting a new phase of The Drive to Revive, aptly named L’Chaim – To Life. We are looking to raise $2,500.00 to purchase a new blood pressure monitor, to update our first aid kit and to purchase a portable defibrillator machine for our congregants.

In looking back over the past 2 years, I started my initial term with a dream and a vision. I wanted to revive our building and started The Drive to Revive Campaign. Through the generosity of so many, the campaign is well underway. Thank you to all who have played a role in the success of the Revival of The Pride! We have more to do. Please stay tuned!