Men’s Club FJMC Convention

FJMC Men’s Club Conventions

I have always been of the opinion that most of my best friendships were the result of my membership in the Shul FJMC,  It wasn’t until I attended an FMJC biennial convention that my eyes were really opened to the potential a functioning Men’s Club could provide. And I might mention, IT WAS FUN! Many of the things I learned at these conferences, provided me with the tools to connect our Shul to Men’s Club activities that brought in new members, raised funds for my Shul, and did I mention, IT WAS FUN!

Many of the popular FJMC programmes were the result of a club submission for recognition, so that we all could learn what worked for them. The best were awarded a “Torch Award” for their efforts. All were highlighted in an afternoon “Mitzvah Mall” to allow the attendees to share the results.

Individuals were recognized with their individual “Maasim Tovim” awards.

The conventions started out at the old Catskill mountains’ resort hotel.

The criteria were:

  • The hotel observed Kashrut.
  • It had adequate facilities for meetings, davening, suitable gest rooms, etc.
  • It had a reputation for good food.
  • It could provide family activities, like a pool, and sports venues for the kids.
  • It had a reputation for copious quantities of good food.
  • There was a venue for our large meetings and concerts.
  • It was comfortable and easily accessible by car, plane or public transit.
  • They served good food, at all hours, in great quantity.

When the last Kosher hotel in the Hebrew Himalayas closed, the convention became mobile, and was located around North Americans best resorts or cities, like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Toronto. Every two years, a new exciting venue was found.

The Thursday night concert, featured some of the best Cantors from around the globe. You might recognize Alberto Mizrachi in the pictures.

The video below was taken from the latest 2011 FJMC convention.