There is an old “saw” which goes something like this:

There are three broad categories of people:

  • The first are those that like to make things happen.
  • The next group are those who watch things happen.
  • The last group just wonder what happened.

There are some men, who fit into all three classifications, at some point in their lives, and transition through to the next as their families grow up, their kids leave the “nest” and/or other circumstances change.

I am one of those guys, who likes to associate with the first bunch, and organize and do “stuff” with other guys. We can even do “stuff” which include our families, but we instigate these programmes, mainly, to satisfy our “guy” needs.

It might be “Jewish” stuff or maybe just typically Canadian Guy “stuff”, like getting together for a beer, or coffee, or listening to someone on a topic of interest. I honestly believe that guys are “wired” differently from women, and although we might share similar issues, often our approach and thoughts might be different.

When MEN get together, they will often share thoughts that they would never discuss with their spouse, girl-friend, or kids. It’s just how we are! But put us in a group, and we will make a friend, and some of my best friends are as a result of participating in my Men’s Club.

The Shul needs all three groups to function, but being in a Men’s Club, encourages Men to take an active interest in what goes on in their Shul and community. And that’s good.

The FJMC provides guidance to making our Club successful. It has programmes to fit our circumstance, it provides guidance for structure and governance, and it connects each member with the larger world-wide community of Men’s Clubs.

For example, as a result of my membership im FJMC, I can go nearly anywhere in the world, and be welcomed at a Minyan, maybe even given a Torah honour. That’s important to me, and was brought home when my father passed away, and I needed to recite the Kaddish, even when travelling away from home.

I urge you to visit www.fjmc.org and explore the website.

Your comments are welcomed.


For any and all Men’s Club related questions, please feel free to @mail Moe Horenfeldt at MensClub

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