Report: World-Wide Wrap

Pride of Israel Men’s Club:

in the FJMC World Wide Wrap Feb 7th 2016


More than 30 members, family and friends took part in the Pride Men’s Club World Wide Wrap, 2016.




Our participants helped others perform the mitzvah of donning the Tefillin, and prayed together that morning, in conjunction with the over 200 FJMC Men’s Clubs worldwide, who participated in
this programme.

The WWW originated in one club in the U.S. and was designed to dovetail with viewing of the Super Bowl, on Super Bowl Sunday. We lack a cable or satellite hook-up to emulate this at the Pride,
however, we are planning to twin with another club, in one of the countries where clubs participate. It might be in France, Latin America, Australia, or Israel. We’ll use computer technology and the Internet to observe other clubs participating in the Wrap. Stay tuned!

Following services, we adjourned to enjoy a great Pride Sunday morning breakfast, with songs, followed a talk by our Rabbis Sean and Jen, more songs, and the chanting of the Birchat Hamazon.



A separate table was occupied by our Youth and younger members.



We are looking forward to even greater participation of Pride members and their families and friends for future Wraps. If you haven’t participated, you don’t know what you are missing! A hearty Yasher Koah to all participants and especially to the member volunteers who led services and helped prepare breakfast, and made sure we cleaned up afterwards.